Hey everyone!  My name is Michael Goonan and this is my little home on the web. My hope is that this personal website won’t just be another exercise in cyber-narcissism, but rather a place to share with the world writing which may be of interest or benefit to those that come across it.  I wear many “hats” in life.  At the moment, I work as a teacher in the public schools of South Korea.  I also enjoy writing and have taken on a variety of freelance proejcts over the years.  Some topics I enjoy writing about include travel, philosophy, and politics.  I’ve also tried my hand at a bit of poetry recently, though I haven’t been brave enough to share it with the world at the time of writing (October 2019).  Hopefully this will change soon!

Originally from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area in the United States, I’ve been living, working and traveling around the world since completing my Master’s in Education in 2015.  I have visited a total of 25 countries and counting, and have been based in South Korea since 2018, where I am teaching English at some rural public schools.  Prior to that, I spent almost a year teaching at an international school in the Czech Republic (2016-2017), and three months each in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands (2015-2016).  I’ll be documenting my experiences in Korea and Asia as they happen, while also writing about past experiences when the mood or opportunity strikes.

It is my hope that this website will be a good resource for those who are interested in traveling and living abroad.  I’ve always really appreciated getting people’s first-hand accounts of their experiences in various places before I visited.  Of course, everybody’s experience is unique, and so everyone has their own unique stories to share.  I enjoy having the chance to tell the stories of my experiences and I hope that you find them helpful and enjoyable too.

In addition to documenting my travels and sharing my past and present experiences, this site serves as a more general portfolio of my writing.  In the “Portfolio” section you can find links to various freelance projects I’ve taken on over the years. I studied Philosophy as a undergraduate, and I very much enjoy writing about “the love of wisdom” across a diverse range of topics including politics, music, literature and more.  I post whatever doesn’t get published elsewhere in the “Musings” section of this site.

Last updated: October 25, 2019