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Hey everyone!  My name is Michael Goonan and I am the creator of Adventures of Mike.  Originally from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area in the United States, I’ve spent the last three years living, working and traveling around the world.  To date, I have lived in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia for three months each, and the Czech Republic for almost year.  I have visited a total of 22 countries and counting, and recently moved to South Korea where I am teaching English with the EPIK program (English Program in Korea).  I’ll be documenting my experiences in Korea and Asia as they happen, while also taking the opportunity to write about my past experiences.

It is my hope that this website will be a good resource for those who are interested in traveling and living abroad.  I’ve always really appreciated getting people’s first-hand accounts of their experiences in various places before I visited.  Of course, everybody’s experience is unique, and so everyone has their own unique stories to share.  I enjoy having the chance to tell the stories of my experiences and I hope that you find them helpful and enjoyable too.  In addition to the personal narratives, I’ll also aim to provide useful content such as city guides, tips and tricks for booking flights, how to apply for teaching positions abroad, and more.

While the primary purpose of this site is to document my travels and share my past and present experiences with a wider audience, it also serves as my more general home on the web.  In addition to travel related pieces, I very much enjoy writing about a wide range of topics including philosophy, politics, music, literature and more.  Check out the “Musings” section if you are interested!